Skin Burns

A skin burn can occur due to a number of different reasons, which include exposure to fire, hot steam or liquid, and sunlight, amongst others. Learn how to treat and manage skin burns effectively here.

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About skin burns 

Skin burns are typically characterised by varying degrees of skin damage. First-degree, second-degree and third degree skin burns are typically categorised based on their severities, and may be accompanied by skin redness, blisters, pus, permanent scarring or damage to the fat, nerves, muscles and bones.

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skin burns

A skin burn can occur as a result of exposure to fire, hot liquid or steam and sunlight. Depending on the level of exposure, the healing process may take several weeks or months, and in more severe cases, years. Itchy skin is a condition that may be experienced throughout this time. Fortunately, there are a number of ointments and topical creams available that provide itch relief.

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for skin burns

The treatment of skin burns typically involve steps you should take to keep the affected area clean, and to relieve the itchiness experienced using a specially formulated ointment.

Zambuk Ointment

Zambuk Ointment (Registration Number MAL17065003XC), is a dark green-coloured medicated ointment that is used to provide temporary relief of pain and itch associated with minor wounds, burns, scalds, chapped hands, mosquitoes and insect bites.