Minor Wounds

Being the first line of defense against physical trauma, it is therefore natural for our skin to suffer skin breakage, causing wounds. Learn more about your skin and the common causes of minor wounds here.

About Minor Wounds

It’s something that we all encounter regularly in our lives: you make a wrong move, you scratch a little, and all of a sudden you notice that break in your skin. A wound is a type of injury that involves laceration or the breaking of a membrane, most commonly your skin, and its underlying tissues

minor wounds

When minor wounds are left to heal naturally, the collagen cells in your body will expand, promoting new skin growth. This will result in a scab formation, which is characterised by a dry crust and itchiness.

of minor wounds

A minor wound do not typically require medical care, but it is still important to keep the affected area clean. Alternatively, you can opt to use a specially formulated ointment which helps to alleviate the itchiness that may be experienced as a result of your skin repairing itself.

Zambuk Ointment

Zambuk Ointment contains active ingredients such as eucalyptus oil and camphor, that provides effective relief of pain and itch associated with minor wounds, burns, scalds, chapped hands, mosquitoes and insect bites.